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SAP R/3 implementations and upgrades

Our intention is to deliver high quality solutions as quickly and efficiently as your business will allow. As the emphasis of business shifts towards the world of the internet so does SAP implementation. We offer the potention for clients to leverage the significant benefits of SAP as a back end solution for e-business applications.

Post implementation support and ongoing improvement

We support the concept of business change as a continuing occurrence, our aim is to improve on benefits and increase ongoing SAP results.


Business Process Refinement
Our aim is to realise maximum value from process change by:
  • Re-developing processes to enable quicker and more efficient operations
  • Organisational re-alignment to enable re-developed operations to deliver benefits
  • Ensure technology provides a firm platform for operations

  • Define new job roles and identify training requirements for staff
Training and Education

Project team training is absolutely critical to the success of an SAP implementation project. We can provide:

  • Focused, integrated approach to training throughout the project lifecycle
  • Plan and deliver effective end user training programmes
  • Tailored and flexible role based training programmes to suit customer needs
Program and Project management

Provide management support and guidance throughout the project lifecycle. It is essential to select the correct implementation methodology and planning tools to monitor and control your project. Our experienced project managers also recognize the “human factor” in planning and managing any project.

Basis and Technical Support

To ensure the high availability of systems for our clients we provide a broad range of services including application technical and functional management.

  • Application Technical Management ensures the continuous operation and availability of your application and associated hardware and software while
  • Application Functional Management supports clients in reacting to their calls, change requests, incidents and questions
ABAP Programming
We offer quality development solutions from SAPscript to HTML